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About the Hornwort genomes

Bryophytes are the extant representatives of the first plants that colonized the land about 480 million years ago. Morphological and functional complexity of land plants has rapidly increased after colonization from the relatively simple bryophytes to the highly complex vascular plants. Therefore, bryophytes are key to understand the evolutionary trajectories of developmental mechanisms during the land plant tree of life. Although, model systems are available for the lineages of mosses and the liverworts, investigation on the biology of hornworts was until now hindered by the lack of a proper model system and available genomic data. This site provides access to high-quality genomic resources of hornworts, especially to the model systems Anthoceros agrestis and A. punctatus.

This site is maintained by the Szovenyi group at the Dept. of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany. Currently it hosts three hornworts genomes, A. agrestis Bonn and Oxford strain and A. punctatus.